Are you struggling with your quality of life and independence?

We provide support in Lanarkshire for people sufferring with chronic and long term conditions

Suffering from Chronic Pain or Mobility Issues?

Lanarkshire Therapy Support are a well established charity, we have been operating since February 2003.

We have successfully developed help groups and assistance programmes across the Lanarkshire area for people suffering from chronic and long-term medical conditions.

We are fortunate to receive support from Lanarkshire Pain Management Programme Doctors and input from a private medical organisation named Core Physio (clinics based in Bothwell and Hamilton) into the most advanced methods of treatment for independence and mobility.

Our 2 areas of focus are neurological rehabilitation (stroke and brain injury) and chronic pain rehabilitation.

Chronic Pain Rehabilitation And Treatment

Lanarkshire Therapy Support Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

The Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program at Lanarkshire Therapy Support has helped more than 1,000 people. Chronic pain affects millions, many of whom have tried multiple treatments without relief.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Lanarkshire Therapy Support Neurological Rehabilitation

Retraining and exercise after a stroke is essential, not just for physical but for mental improvement. Our team will give you the tools you need to help yourself as quickly as possible and regain your independence.

Functional Aging

Lanarkshire Therapy Support Functional Aging

Many older adults are functioning dangerously close to their maximum ability during normal activities of daily living. Our functional aging test will allow us to advise on any changes you require to enjoy a full and active lifestyle.

Come along and see for yourself what is on offer at our groups and sessions.

Individual independence is our main focus with joint wellness and mobility an important part of our programmes.

Your first visit is free of charge so that you can decide if it suits your particular needs.

How Lanarkshire Therapy Support are funded:

  • Weekly and annual attendee subscriptions
  • Regular fundraising activities
  • Grants from larger organisations
  • The Big Lottery Foundation.

Contact Lanarkshire Therapy Support

We offer treatment from the physiotherapy unit within a private physiotherapy organisation. The unit is one of the UK’s leading physio centres and offers a comprehensive range of treatments, premium facilities, and is staffed by expert chartered physiotherapists with a cross-section of specialist skills.

Call us on 01698 815164, email or complete our contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.